Meet Adam

Your Instructor... Adam
Adam King, MPH, CPhT, PRS is a certified and licensed pharmacy technician. He graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in business management from Grand Rapids Community College in 1999, a Bachelor of Science degree in vocation education with a minor in political science from Western Michigan University in 2002, and earned his Master of Public Health degree in 2020. He began his pharmacy career in 2008 with a chain retail pharmacy in Grand Rapids and moved on to an independent compounding pharmacy in 2009 where he specialized in pharmacy billing, technology, regulation, and veterinary medicine. He currently works as Director of Pharmacy Savings for a corporate wellness firm in Grand Rapids where his focus is lowering pharmacy costs to health plans and their employees through advocacy work. When he is not on the job, Adam volunteers for the Michigan Pharmacists Association serving on two practice section boards as a board member and past president of the Michigan Society of Pharmacy Technicians Board of Directors and the liaison for MSPT to the Consultant and Specialty Pharmacists of Michigan Board of Directors. He is also the pharmacy technician instructor for a local community college and an adjunct instructor for a local private four-year college.

Adam has created numerous continuing education programs for MPA in patient communication, pharmacy regulation, veterinary pharmacy, and geospatial pharmacy.